Von Ruden Driven Tooling

haas tooling

Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc. of Buffalo, MN introduces its line of tooling products for your Haas equipment. Design parameters offer a recessed spindle while maximizing bearing capacities and location utilizing the maximum machine envelope without interference to adjacent tools.

This recessed spindle arrangement with larger bearing capacities and spread provides more rigidity so customers can utilize longer tooling, higher quality machining standards, larger load capacities and longer life all translating into increased work-center profitability.

Offerings are for Haas DS, SL, ST and TL series of machines. Within each of these machine series, we offer Right-Angle, Straight-Offset and Short-Straight drill/milling driven units. These units are available in 1:1, 1:2 and 2:1 ratios. Additional offerings include sealed bearings and 1500 PSI internal coolant.

All sales, design, manufacturing, repair and application assistance offered from our facility in Buffalo, MN providing localized and immediate service.