Driven Tools

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Simply stated, there are 4 fundamental reasons you should take a close look at the driven tooling designed and built by Von Ruden:

  • These live tools deliver greater precision over extended working lives
  • They eliminate interference issues often encountered with other designs
  • Changeovers are fast with your choice of ER Collet or Kennametal® Quick Change interfaces as standards
  • Optional 1500 PSI cooling lets you extend your feeds and speeds to their optimums

Greater Precision. Longer Lives. No Interference. How?

Unlike other driven tooling, all Von Ruden live tools are designed to extract maximum performance from specific machines. Since these M-spindles are machine-specific, each makes maximum use of that unit’s turret cone so it can have the largest possible diameter duplex bearings set around the clamping system.

The recessed spindle configurations common to all Von Ruden driven tools shorten the length of moment arm to yield longer bearing life — while still maximizing tool length. And their superior ABEC /P4 (minimum) spindle bearings deliver outstanding rigidity over exceedingly long working lives.

Working life, strength and quiet operation are all also enhanced by unsurpassed gear quality. The hardened, honed right-angle spiral bevel and spur cut gears used in all our M-spindles are produced in-house to standards seldom met by others.