Von Ruden Manufaturing


Von Ruden has been designing and producing drive components for sixty years, beginning in 1946 with right angle gear boxes and parallel shaft speed reducers. Von Ruden now manufactures and distributes a complete line of hydraulic motors, gear boxes, brakes and tool products along with accessory items such as valves and overhung load adapters. The breadth of the quality product line covers a wide variety of pricing and delivery requirements to meet nearly all performance/cost specifications.


Von Ruden was once again family owned in 1989. Al Anderson purchased the operating division known as Power Components from Washington Scientific (WSI). When the move was complete to its present day location in Buffalo, Minnesota, the first action items were to invest in the latest technologies. One of these technologies was equipment with live tooling. We soon found that providers of such tooling did not have an offering or a support network to satisfy our manufacturing operations. Thus in 1999 out of our own need for live tooling with better performance we entered into the machine tool market for driven tooling. Honestly, we had no idea of the need and desire from the market for a new industry leader provider of driven tooling.


The next chapters of the Von Ruden story have yet to be written. What we do know is our continued efforts in support of our established product and markets in fluid power and mechanical power transmission. The addition of the machine tool market is a perfect blend of this expertise. We hold no reserve in our development and the continued improvements we offer to to the machine tool market as we expand our product offerings to include static holders, specials and application support. The future has never looked brighter for Von Ruden and every day we are encouraged with new opportunities the world markets present. Take a look around — you might be surprised at all the places you’ll find Von Ruden products.