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Millennials in Manufacturing and STEM Fields

As a designer and manufacturer of drive components such as right angle gear boxes and parallel shaft speed reducers, we’re well-versed when it comes to the manufacturing industry. Because of this, we’re incredibly interested in the growing STEM movement. STEM subjects include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Different companies and education organizations are actively promoting STEM subject areas in order to get our nation’s school-aged generation interested in pursuing a STEM related career.

Currently, there is a high demand for workers with excellent science, technology, and math skills, presenting various companies with a lack of skilled personnel. For example, certain fields suffer from not having enough skilled workers to fill the available jobs, but STEM fields are suffering because there aren’t enough skilled workers and because some of these workers don’t possess specific enough skills.

The current millennial generation is suffering through a difficult job market. However, young workers can focus their time and education on attaining the skills that are demand, such as with STEM subject areas. According to TIME, STEM centered careers are expected to see significant growth throughout the next decade. Additionally, millennials can also focus on other aspects of the job market such as networking and personal growth through collaborating with mentors already in STEM fields.

We’ve explored U.S. manufacturing in a previous blog post, but continue to follow the growing manufacturing and STEM relationship. The uptick in manufacturing in our country could offer numerous benefits for those interested in STEM careers, such as more job opportunities. At Von Ruden, we continue to follow our nation’s fascinating and changing manufacturing climate and are excited to see it grow.

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