Right Angle


Tailored to the Needs of a Design Engineer.


  • Models up to 200 hp
  • Choices of gear types and ratios
  • Speed reducing and increasing models
  • Direction of rotation options
  • Hydraulic motor input flange option
  • Configuration options

Extended Working Life

Every aspect of Von Ruden’s Right Angle Gear boxes is designed to deliver superior value, from press-fit gears and bearings for superior rigidity and maximum performance, to properly shimmed gears and bearings for consistent backlash. No paper or plastic shims here; metal shims are used throughout. Tapered roller (not ball) bearings also throughout. Aluminum end caps and pinion housings on most models for improved heat dissipation. High strength steel alloys – gears cut from 8620 steel, then carburized and hardened. Improved shaft seals – spring loaded double lip design – one lip seals in the oil, the other seals out dirt.  All shafts are specially ground/burnished at the seal area for extended life.