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Von Ruden Hosts Senator Klobuchar

Manufacturing in the U.S. has been facing a variety of challenges. From increasing regulations to an aging workforce, manufacturing is at a make-or-break point in the United States. One way to change the future is to get more people, including local politicians, involved and interested in today’s manufacturing challenges. Manufacturing is closely tied to the economy, so it’s in everyone’s interest to stay focused on industrial issues and collaborate to find solutions.

Von Ruden’s President, Brandon Anderson, understands just how important this collaboration is. Recently, we hosted U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar at our manufacturing plant based in Buffalo. Although the tour was finalized at the last-minute, we were eager to show Senator Klobuchar around and discuss current manufacturing challenges. Our corporate leadership is very active politically and within the community, so the visit from Senator Klobuchar was very much welcomed.

During the tour, we focused on three main points: to showcase the value of manufacturing in the community, to show how technological advances are changing the image of manufacturing, and the importance of addressing the aging workforce.

While the skills gap is still a major concern in the industrial sector, the good news is that wages are often above average when compared to other industries, especially for those without a degree. Many of these jobs require skills that can be learned on the job, or through apprenticeships or trade schools.

Getting more manufacturers involved with their local politicians and other community leaders can help to address talent shortages and perception issues, and ensure our economy flourishes and continues to provide valuable jobs to U.S. citizens. We look forward to the next opportunity to bring manufacturing to the public in this way.

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