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Rising Demand in the Forestry Sector

Many industries tend to face a business lull during the summer. However, some are actually picking up lately. Here at Von Ruden Manufacturing, we’ve noticed an uptick in a few sectors, including forestry. One possible reason for this growth trend is increasing demand for wood pellets.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, increasing demand for wood pellets as a source of bioenergy actually results in more forest growth, more job growth, and reduced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Though it may seem counterintuitive for wood harvesting to help forests, modern forestry activities are done responsibly and they involve greater investment in forest replenishment. New trees are constantly being planted to offset those being harvested, making this form of biomass a highly renewable resource.

Studies of wood pellet harvesting in the southern United States have shown that greater demand creates more of an incentive to re-invest in American forests. The goal is to have a large, healthy stock that is actively managed and maintained to provide for future harvests. And USDA Forest Service researchers have estimated that “substituting biomass for fossil fuels to generate electricity could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 40 and 70 percent.”

Building off of the success and growth of the forestry sector, John Deere recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their line of forestry skidders. This equipment is an essential tool for loggers, who have a tough job in moving incredible heavy materials across long distances. Having access to rugged, specialized skidders boosts productivity and helps improve the safety of workers in this dangerous, in-demand profession.

As the demand for forest products continues to rise, we’ll likely continue to see an increase in demand for related equipment like John Deere’s skidders. And as more equipment is built to meet capacity requirements, we’ll be ready to accommodate the influx of motor systems and power transmission systems for these vehicles.

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