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A Month-Long Manufacturing Celebration

With Manufacturing Day on October 7, 2016, many people may just be heading back to the daily grind. But Manufacturing Month runs all through October, so now is still the perfect time to get the word out about this critical sector of the United States economy.

The industrial world is still facing a number of challenges today. The skills gap is a constant concern as older workers get ever closer to retirement and younger workers and apprentices become harder to find. The public perception of manufacturing is still in need of an update, as parents, guidance counselors, and students see manufacturing as a dirty, dangerous job for the unskilled. In reality, we need talented problem solvers who can think up, design, and operate the high-tech machinery that’s revolutionizing the plant floor as we speak!

So, how can we change this dynamic and get more young people into technical career paths? By encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in the classroom, and encouraging schools to work with local manufacturers to get their students into modern shops. This may be a child’s only introduction to manufacturing during their school years, so it’s important to let them see what really goes on behind the scenes, and why this work is so important.

On October 27th, the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting Minnesota Manufacturing Week tours at a few locations to get people up-to-speed on what a manufacturing career really looks like.

We know that makers run the world, and the country. But it’s vital to spread the word to everyone else. So, for the rest of Manufacturing Month, make it your mission to discuss opportunities and developments in the manufacturing space.

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